Welcome to Spiritual Pursuits

We offer a platform for you to learn and transform yourself. Our workshops are a blend of Spiritual and Divinatory practices both ancient and modern which bring in awareness and well-being to your lives.

Who We Are

Spiritual Pursuits was established with the vision to awaken one and all to their Divine Self. Our workshops offer a holistic approach that organically brings in joy, satisfaction, good health, fortune and awareness to slowly integrate our life with its higher purpose. We welcome you all to move beyond the limited perception to infinite bliss and join us on this flight to freedom!

The Journey

We conduct two different kind of Workshops both – Spiritual and Divinatory laced with the essence that bring awareness into your daily lives and takes you closer to Self with each level

Along with the workshops we also offer one on one Personal Consultations for those who need support to overcome life situations that are causing pain and turmoil in life and not allowing them to move forward in life.



Basic Gita Class

Mondays 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Mediations and Healings with deeper glimpses of the Bhagvad Gita

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My association with Spiritual Pursuits began around 8 years ago. From being directionless I was put on track to not only help me find myself but also to be sensitive towards the people around me. The transformation I see in myself is unbelievable!
Neelu Gupta
Before I was acquainted with Spiritual Pursuits, I was a guy with broken relationships, no work, no career or anything to look forward to in life. I decided to learn various modalities and heal myself, but I felt there was more to this science and all my questions were put to rest when I met Jagriti. There was an instant connect. Now I know that I can achieve anything in my life.
Vikrant Thakor
It wasn’t easy to live a life without any direction and I kept losing out on everything one by one , be it relationships, career and my confidence. Its been two years since I have been a part of Spiritual Pursuits and I haven’t looked back ever since, it has helped me find two of the most important things in my life – HOPE and PURPOSE
Vartika Sethi