Guidance on personal relationships, challenging situations, aims and ambitions is given looking into your strengths and abilities. One on one consultations to address any aspect of existence at the body, mind, spiritual and intellectual levels.

Vastu and Feng-shui

Using the ancient knowledge of crystals, rudraksha and yantras we offer customized solutions for issues relating to property, health, wealth, spiritual, emotional and relationship issues.


This is a science that guides you to pave your path through the obstacles you have been experiencing in your life’s journey. Tarot consultations help you understand the reason for the blockages and make you aware of how to take action to move beyond them.


This is an ancient gypsy art using 24 geometrical symbols which are engraved on pebble sized stones. Runes unleashes facts that helps discover and understand the magical universal messages sent for you.


We offer spiritual healing at the body, mind, emotional and karmic levels.

Meta-dramatics healing

It is an interactive session which makes you an active participant in your own healing process under expert supervision.

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