Who are we?

Spiritual Pursuits was established with the vision to awaken one and all to their Divine Self. Our workshops offer a holistic approach that organically brings in joy, satisfaction, good health, fortune and awareness to slowly integrate our life with its higher purpose. We welcome you all to move beyond the limited perception to infinite bliss and join us on this flight to freedom!

Why Spiritual Pursuits?

At Spiritual Pursuits it’s all about
We help you to tap the divine power within you which

How do I join Spiritual Pursuits (SP)?

To join us, kindly contact us on Email – info@spiritualpursuits.org or Contact number – +919920221087 or fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

When are the workshops scheduled for?

Please get in touch with us for workshop timings and days and we would be happy to elaborate on the same. The website will reflect upcoming dates.

What is the fee structure?

All workshops have a fee. For further details please contact us.

How can I get a personal consultation without signing up for the courses?

You can avail of our personal consultations through a simple sign up. Our team will be happy to guide you if you are not sure which option would be most suited for you.