Divinatory Workshops

Spiritual Workshops

With levels carefully etched out, the basic workshops offer a transformative process which inculcate awareness and causes healing at all levels of your being. The advanced workshops further progresses into deeper realms of spirituality

Basic Level

Living In Awareness

Chatting with chakras

The seven chakra centers are said to be the energy motors of the mental, emotional and physical energy field wherein each chakra centre relates to a different area of our lives.
The health of a chakra is governed by our beliefs about self in that particular area of life. This will affect the functioning of the associated vital organs and cause diseases.
This workshop helps you dissolve issues at the core using self-awareness as a tool thus opening the pathway for your further growth.

Duration – Three Days

Karmic healing

Karma is the patterns that were learned and reinforced in your early years which are deeply encoded into your body and mind.
Working on Karma helps in releasing hidden beliefs, conflicts and patterns of life.
This process enables you to enter a level of consciousness where unconditional healing energy flows to you and through you, helping go through more powerful healing processes.

Duration – Two Days

The science of breath

Breath is considered as one of the critical elements which decide every circumstance of life. The science of breath when understood at a deeper level will enlighten you and help you attain material and spiritual success.
This is a structured program that teaches simple tools to build awareness and slowly brings your focus back on self.

Duration – Three Days


Each element corresponds to your five senses. The elemental knowledge is that raw energy which helps to understand the essence of your existence.
This course is designed to help balance the elements in your body which enables you to live a healthy and fulfilling life

Duration – Three Days

Advance Level

Delve deeper into spirituality


This module takes you into the deeper realms of spirituality. This is done by opening the third eye chakra and tapping into your innate power to enter the realms of wisdom.
The meditative processes are carefully etched out to not only take you closer to your consciousness but also enhance your psychic abilities, intuitive powers and empower your connection to the universal life force healing energies.

Duration –Level 1 – 4 – Two days each
Level 5 – 7 – One day each

Self to Shoonyata

This is the gateway to Divine Oneness. The workshop enables you to experience significant leaps in your spiritual journey and makes you dwell in complete oneness. In this oneness, with and as the Divine, one experiences the state of nothingness, the zero point. This stillness heralds the homecoming.

Duration –Level 1 – Three days
Level 2 – Three days

Divinatory Workshops

Enhance your intuitive power with these divination techniques. These workshops are tailored to teach ancient mystical arts with a relevance to today’s worldly situations. The students are also trained well to become professional readers.

Spiritual Tarot

Tarot is a deck of pictorially depicted cards used as a tool to bridge your psychological mind to your spiritual awareness. Tarot has its roots in ancient wisdom as well as modern sciences. When you read them for yourself and others they unfold what you are creating now and the probable outcome, thus providing guidance to take action to construct the future of your choice. This is not a predictive science but a way into your deeper self.
This is an exclusively designed course for those seeking to be professional Tarot readers.

Duration –Level 1 -2 – Three days each
Level 3 – Twelve days (once a week)


A rare gypsy science which involves the interpreting of symbols to give accurate answers.
It’s study involves understanding and meditating on 26 specific symbols which are engraved on small stones. When cast they act as a guiding tool to unfold the untold truth to the caster.

Duration –Three days

Number - o - logy

This is the art of understanding and calculating the impact of numbers and their vibrations on our lives.

Duration – 10 days (Once a week)

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